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Łobos Daniel DANLOB-INFO
Infobrokering Services

tel. 604-971-231
skype: danlob-info

Open Monday to Saturday 8.00-16.00




How does the process of order the service proceed?
First we offer our clients free question form in which we have described the possibility of making an order and its price. We give the answer within 24 hours. After the acceptation of our proposition client order us execution of a service (it may be through email, telephone, fax, skype).

What is the price for services of DANLOB-INFO Office?
Each order of service is valued by us individual. Price depends on such factors as: range and time of work into which effort is put, self edition, range of information and a form of preparing a realization. We establish a price and approve with client before accepting the order.

What are possibilities of payment for ready service?
Our office after approving the order and establishing the price presents its client a pro-forma invoice to pay. After approving the payment we send ready report to our client in a form he wishes. Option of deposit money transfer is only available for our regular clients.

What is a guarantee that information researched by DANLOB-INFO is checked and reliable?
Specialized and experienced infobrokers, graduate of Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science look after searching information for our clients, which have a great knowledge and the right technique work. We co-operate with many librarians, translators and thematic portals. Each information is checked through credibility and in the case where client got untrue information (i.e. wrong company address or other data), then we give back money to our client for each untrue record.

How do we deliver the ready report to our client?
We prepare ready reports in any form, according to client’s wish, also in electronic version (then we send a file as an enclosure by email), also in printed version or saved on CD (documents are sent by post or courier). There is also a possibility of getting the report in English, German, Italian, Spanish.

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