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Łobos Daniel DANLOB-INFO
Infobrokering Services

tel. 604-971-231
skype: danlob-info

Open Monday to Saturday 8.00-16.00




We are a source of reliable and actual information.

In process of research we use different information sources, mainly through Internet (world wide web, portals, wortals, trade websites, companies’ databases, catalogs, mailing list, named deep Internet), but we don’t forget about traditional information sources, such as thematic databases, archives, libraries, bibliographies, city information centers, specialist literature and trade magazines. In each case researched information is verify and check by our brokers of information.

Our co-operators are experienced and professional infobrokers.

We co-operate with specialists from different disciplines, infobrokers from all Poland and most countries of European Union, librarians, journalists and experienced translators of English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Price for our services depends on complexity of order.

Each order of service research of information is valued individual. Price depends on such factors as: range and time of work into which effort is put, self edition, range of information order. Only after knowing the client’s question exactly we are able to tell the conditions and date of realization the order. The valuation of order we present free! There is a possibility to make a regular co-operation with us. It will let you to know better our company and delivering regular necessary information for you.

We are flexible, adjust to client’s demands.

Ready orders we prepare in any form, according to client’s wish. Our clients may deliver report also in electronic version (then we send file as an enclosure by email), also in printed version or saved on CD (documents are sent by post or courier). There is also a possibility of getting the report in English, German, Italian, Spanish. On client’s wish we take samples of materials and products which we send to our customers that they can value their quality and choose the best deliverer for their company.

Before sending a form please acquaint with our regulations of provision of remote services.

Give us a question. We will answer it within 24 hours.
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